Neglect? Or Just Overwhelmed?

I think it is because so much is said during the day that there is little else for this page; can that be it? Maybe the speed of everything has overwhelmed me, I can only stand back with my mouth open catching flies. But finally, it is truly summer. Last night a strawberry moon on the solstice night as storms broke somewhere in the distance, surely that means something of importance, as I have been knocked out of my reticence.



I want to tell you about what is happening with the starlings now; they have been making more and more of themselves to drive everyone crazy, out of their minds and over the edge. The babies are large and lighter in color than the parents; they squawk in a grating, demanding sound that reminds me of a garbage truck slamming on it’s brakes from stop to stop. Very unfortunate. The past month, so many starling fledglings have popped up, that people I know have elected to take down feeders to avoid the cacophony of the birds.


As the summer moves along, the starlings will migrate to the fields to pick at whatever crops are ripe. The backyard bird feeders get a break and the farmers steel themselves for the usual fight.

So, during weeks of ‘We Hate Starlings’, it became so universal that I was tempted to pen a song that could be handed out to be screeched in moments of despair. But as always, I can not take a position against any living thing, especially a bird so instead I talked of Shakespeare and why he loved starlings. I found the people who have taken the time to bridge the gap between human and avian so we might have a better appreciation for this irritation. Have a look at the over achievers while understanding that all starlings have this ability.

Thank you for your patience as I found my voice again.


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